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Some product photos of e-bikes and bicycles are only visualizations.


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ARIAN BOSCH ACTIVE 5 lowstep (400 Wh Red pearl gloss)

Cycling in an urban environment can be a great experience if you hop on the Arian equipped with the Bosch Active Plus motor. It is powered by a powerful Bosch battery, and the comfort on bumpy roads is improved by a suspension fork with 60mm of travel. The urban character of this model is highlighted by accessories such as rack, lights and mudguards.

Electric motor
Bosch Active with torque 40 Nm
Bosch Power Pack 400
Bosch Purion
RST Neon PLS with lockout
Rear derailleur and shifter
Disc brakes
Zoom HB-875


  • Red pearl gloss

Battery capacity

  • 400 Wh


Wheel sizes:
Frame type:
Alloy 6061
Frame size:
50, 55, 60
310° variable planetary gearbox
Electric motor:
Bosch Active
Bosch Power Pack 400
Bosch Purion
RST Neon PLS TnL (60 mm, with locking from the crown)
Crank set:
Spec NW (170 mm, 38 t.)
Rear derailleur:
Enviolo CT
Enviolo MC Twist
KMC (18 t.)
Zoom HB-875 (180 mm)
Front hub:
Formula DC-20LW
Rear hub:
Enviolo CT
Ryde Andra 321 (622 x 21 mm)
CST X-pedium One 28 x 1,75" (47 -622)
Alloy, anti - slip
Herrmans DD36 Lock-on
Spec 25,4 x 640 mm
Spec stage 90 mm
Head set:
Spec (semi-integrated)
Seat post:
Post Moderne Glide 27,2 x 350 mm
Selle Royal Hertz

Reasons for selecting this model 

  • A comfortable frame geometry for an upright riding position and a lowstep frame designed to make getting on and off the bike easier. 28” wheels make every ride safe and comfortable.
  • Suspension fork with sufficient travel absorbs shocks perfectly and brings a smooth ride.
  • Simple gear shifting is secured by a 310° variable planetary gearbox.
  • A Bosch Power Pack rack battery with a lock feature.
  • Suspension seatpost and adjustable stem for maximum comfort during every ride.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for efficient braking.
  • A wide range of equipment for comfortable use of the bicycle, such as lights, rack, stand and mud guards.

Simple getting on

Lowstep frame design makes getting on and off the bike easy. It is ideal for people with decreased mobility.

Energy for your trips

Powerful Bosch Active premium central motor has a torque of 40Nm thus it provides the e-bike with necessary power. High-capacity rack battery gives sufficient amount of energy even for long rides.

Comfortable trips on your e-bike

Each ride on this e-bike is pure pleasure thanks to upright riding position, suspension seatpost, luxurious gel padded saddle and adjustable stem.

Easier transport of things

The e-bike is equipped with rear rack with the MIK system that allows easier attachment of bags and accessories. This racks is capable to carry up to 25kg of load. Furthermore, the e-bike is equipped with mudguards, powerful lighting and a stand, which means that you have everything you need for your cycling explorations.

Note. We reserve the right to change or improve the design and components without prior notice.

The product is included in these categories:

Rider height

  • 145 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 155 cm
  • 160 cm
  • 165 cm
  • 170 cm
  • 175 cm
  • 180 cm
  • 185 cm
  • 190 cm
  • 195 cm
  • 200 cm
  • 50 165cm—175cm
  • 55 175cm—185cm
  • 60 185cm—195cm

Main advantages

Electric motor Bosch Active with torque of 40Nm

The Bosch Performance Active premium motor with a high torque of 40Nm provides this e-bike with necessary power and output for a smooth ride in any terrain. This model is built on the latest technologies and provides its rider maximum riding pleasure.

Rack battery Bosch Power Pack 400

Ride to the maximum. A powerful Bosch Power Pack rack battery gives the e-bike the necessary energy and capacity for your trips.

Displey Bosch Purion

The Bosch Purion display offers a host of useful functions. It has a great design that allows the user to browse through individual functions or select a required assistance level without actually taking hands off the handlebars.

Suspension fork RST Neon PLS TnL (60mm travel, lockout on the crown)

RST Neon PLS TnL fork with 60mm of travel and a lockout function will provide you comfortable ride in various terrains.

Hydraulic disc brakes Zoom HB-875 (180mm rotor)

Zoom HB-875 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors offer powerful and sensitive braking performance for your rides on and off roads.

Suspension seatpost Post Moderne Glide

Post Moderne suspension seatpost brings utter comfort into every ride, even in rough terrain.

Ergonomic grips and saddle Herrmans DD36 Lock-on and Selle Royal Hertz

Herrmans DD36 Lock-on ergonomic grips have a clamp that makes sure the rider has a firm and secure grip in any riding situation. Selle Royal gel saddle is comfortable even during longer rides.

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