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How to take care about your e-bike?

We have a list of the most important questions and answers for basic care and maintenance. The next lines will be essential so that the e-bike serves you as long as possible and you can fully enjoy the ride.

How to take care about your e-bike?

If you have just become owners of your first e-bike, or if you have been in possession of it for some time, but still do not know how to take care of it properly and maintain it, we have a list of the most important questions and answers regarding basic care and maintenance. The following lines will be essential for you ensuring long and proper service of your e-bike so that you can enjoy it at the fullest. Maintenance of e-bikes is very similar to that of regular bicycle; the main difference is correct maintenance and use of the electric engine and battery. If you are interested in knowing what the advantages of e-bikes are, and why is it good to get it, read the The e-bike is not for the old only!


E-bike service and maintenance:

How far can I get on an e-bike?

Range of an e-bike can never be determined exactly as it always depends on several factors, such as weight of the rider, trip profile, degree of use of the motor assistance, temperature, technical condition of the e-bike and many others. Nonetheless, it is advisable to always return with at least minimum battery capacity remaining, and to take the charger with you if you are planning a longer trip or you are not certain about when will you reach your destination.

What should be done before the first ride?

A general advice would be to check the condition of the whole bicycle: check for play of individual components on the bicycle, and mainly, proper function of braking system should be confirmed, i.e. if brakes work correctly. In addition to this, battery status should be checked too; if the battery has sufficient capacity for the trip that you are planning to make, you are ready to go straight away. If you feel that the remaining battery capacity might not be sufficient, recharge the battery to the capacity of your liking and set out. It is not necessary for the battery to be fully charged before every ride. The battery can be charged having any remaining capacity, and the charging does not influence its lifespan in any way.

What if my e-bike switches off during the ride?

When e-bike switches off during a ride, it is often caused by the fact that the rider has ridden without assistance for an extended period of time. The control unit interprets this as the e-bike not being used, and it switches itself off. This happens after about 30 minutes of the assistance inactivity. In order to prevent this from occurring, switch on the assistance for a short time at least. Depleted battery can be another reason for the e-bike turning itself off: if the battery has remaining capacity exceeding 10%, switch the assistance on and carry on with your ride with the basic level of assistance. In the case that the e-bike switches itself off, do not switch it on again, and ride the rest of your trip without the assistance.

Can e-bikes be ridden in rain?

E-bikes are designed to withstand splashing water, i.e. riding it in rainy weather will not cause any harm. Regular or prolonged rides in rain are not recommended, though. Upon return, we recommend that you remove the battery from your e-bike, and leave both the e-bike and its battery dry out naturally.


How should I wash my e-bike?

We recommend that you do not remove the battery and clean it and the area around it with a damp cloth.  Your e-bike can be cleaned with special cleaning solutions that do not require use of water. We recommend that you use them. If you cannot use such cleaners, it is best to use sponge for cleaning cars. Cleaning of the e-bike with pressurized water is NOT recommended! Once the e-bike has been cleaned, it is advisable to lubricate any components or parts of the e-bike that need to be lubricated. Further details are in the chapter dealing with chain lubrication.

Can e-bikes be ridden when it is freezing outside?

Yes! It is necessary to take into consideration that just as any other battery-powered device, the low temperature can result in decreasing range of your e-bike.   This is due to the chemical reaction of the battery cells to the low temperature. Should it happen that the battery freezes through, the e-bike can stop functioning. However, when the battery is warmed enough that it reaches operating temperature again, the e-bike can be used again.

When is the right time to have my e-bike serviced for the first time?

Warranty check is the first occasion for you to take you e-bike to a service. The warranty check should be carried out after you have ridden 100-200 kilometres on your e-bike, but 1 year after you purchased the e-bike at the latest. As your e-bike is fresh from assembly line, many of its components are exposed to load for the first time, and this is how play is created. The purpose of the warranty period is to ensure that a skilled mechanic checks the whole bike and sets all plays and components in such way that riding the e-bike is safe. We recommend you to make notes about your bike before taking your bike for warranty check, and then consult the mechanic about your notes. The warranty check is always carried out at the dealer/service where you purchased your e-bike originally.

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What kind of maintenance is required for the motor?

E-bike motors do not require any particular care on condition that the e-bike was submitted for a warranty check. During the warranty check, the mechanic verifies that the central motor is securely attached to the frame of the bicycle, rear stays of the frame in the case of hub motor. After you have ridden 7,000 - 10,000km, it is recommended to refill the motor with lubricant. This will ensure silent operation of the motor and that energy consumed by it is as low as possible.

How can I tell that my e-bike should be serviced?

As far as e-bikes equipped with central motor are concerned, it is recommended to have the e-bike checked after riding 800 - 1,000 kilometres on it, unless you notice any problem before that. Since the assistance forces are transferred from the motor onto the rear wheel via chain, and the chain is exposed to pulling forces from both you and the motor, it is necessary at least to check it, most possibly replacing it with a new one. In the case of bicycles with hub motors, the assistance forces are transferred onto the wheel directly, which means that it is not necessary to have your e-bike checked so often. Precautionary visit to a bike service can never do any harm. Generally speaking, if you have doubts about the technical condition of your e-bike, it is a good idea to pay a visit at your service place. This will ensure that your e-bike remains in good condition, and riding it is both safe and comfortable. You can have your e-bike serviced at any of our dealers.

How should I lubricate the chain?

Special solutions for e-bike chains are available on the market, and they contain ingredients that make it suitable for use with e-bikes. We recommend using them, however, it is also possible to use lubricants for chains of regular bicycles. Using dropper is the most convenient way to lubricate chains (spray gets spread out way to much and can get on brake, which results in the brake losing its efficiency).  First of all, clean the chain from any dirt, and always lubricate the parts that touch the sprocket. Leave the lubricant soak in for 15 minutes and wipe the excess lubricant from the chain with a cloth. Repeat this after having ridden 200km at the most, after riding in rain or after washing your e-bike.

How do I tell the proper time for chain replacement?

A chain gauge will help determine if the chain needs to be replaced. The chain gauge can be bought in any shop with bicycles, or you can have you chain measured in any bicycle service point. Once the chain is too long, it must be replaced. Generally speaking, it should be replaced after 800 to 1,200 kilometres have been ridden with it. Still, the period depends on how demanding trips you make most often on your e-bike. The more you use the force of the motor, the more often will it be necessary to replace the chain.

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How to shift gears correctly on an e-bike?

Shifting gears on an e-bike is done in the same way as it is on a regular bicycle. The power of the motor and its energy consumption is much more efficient then. At the same time, it means that you will not wear away a single sprocket in the cassette (which happens if the user changes levels of assistance instead of gears. Such wear is excluded from warranty.) Shift gears in such way that it allows you to exert ideal force and pedal with cadence that is comfortable for you. It is always better to pedal faster than use excess strength. When your pedalling cadence is low, you use great strength and the motor gives you greater output. This is translated into greater energy consumption and the transfer of electrical energy into motion is not so efficient. If you wish to enjoy greater range for your trips, we recommend you to pedal faster and using less power.

How should I take advantage of the assistance levels?

We recommend changing assistance level only after you have “run out” of gears or if you do not wish to lose speed excessively when riding uphill.

How to brake correctly on an e-bike?

The best practice would be to brake with both brakes evenly. Your brakes will not overheat (especially in long descents), their efficiency will remain the same, and wear and tear will be lower. Remember that the e-bike is heavier and faster than the regular bicycle, and it is necessary to brake efficiently. Not neglecting maintenance of your brakes is equally important.

What maintenance is required for hydraulic disc brakes?

Disc brakes do not require any particular maintenance from their user. Always remember that brake discs must never be in contact with oil and grease. It is advisable to leave any service of your brakes with a skilled mechanic or service place. The hydraulic brake system does not contain any cables - if you need to adjust your hydraulic brakes, take your e-bike to a service point.

How can I tell that my brakes need to be serviced?

The mechanic should let you know in time about the fact that brake pads should be replaced (or any other necessary maintenance, such as bleeding your brakes). If your e-bike has not been checked for a long time and you suspect that your brakes are not in perfect condition, have your e-bike checked immediately. You can tell that your brakes are not OK for example from unusual noise during braking, or from the fact that the brake lever response when pressed feels different. If it happens that the brake lever touches the handlebar after you have pressed it with normal force and the brake is not engaged strongly, have your e-bike checked instantly.

Taking care of e-bike battery:

Battery is one of the most important and expensive parts of e-bikes, and caring of it properly should be an essential step of the actual maintenance. The following questions and answers will tell you how you should take care of the battery to ensure its long life.

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Is it necessary to recharge and empty the battery before the e-bike is used?

No, it is not. This was used in the past with batteries equipped with older cell technology, and the purpose of such action was to minimize the so-called “memory effect”. Today, however, Li-Ion technology is used and it does not have this feature. On the contrary: we recommend that you DO NOT use this method if you want your battery to keep its long service life. 

How should I recharge the battery?

The battery is charged after plugging the charger into the charging connector and then to the electric socket. The battery capacity does not necessarily have to be 100% before every ride, yet we recommend that you always return home with a battery that is not flat (has capacity of at least 10%). The best idea is to keep the battery capacity in the range of 20-80% of full capacity.

What can I do to ensure that my battery has the maximum lifetime possible?

First of all, ride your e-bike as often as you can. If you wish your battery to last really long, it must be depleted and recharged as often as possible. At the same time, the following rule must be remembered: keep your battery at 20 - 80% of its capacity.

How long does recharging take?

It can be said that in general, it takes about 5 hours to recharge the battery. The recharge period depends on the battery capacity and on the current used by your charger. If your e-bike is supplied with a 16Ah battery and a charger that operates with 3A current, the time needed to charge your battery will be slightly over 5 hours. It is good to remember that charging is not linear: the “fuller” the battery is, the more time it needs to be recharged. In practice, this means that to charge the battery from 20% of its capacity to 60% takes shorter period of time than to recharge a battery with 80% of its capacity to 100%. If your battery is empty (0% of capacity), we do not recommend recharging it to 100% in one go. It is advisable to make a break that will enable the battery to cool down.

What if the battery gets empty completely?

If you empty the battery completely (i.e. the e-bike cannot be switched on any longer), recharge the battery to 50% of its full capacity and then leave the battery cool down. After approx. an hour has elapsed, recharge the battery to 80-100% of its capacity.

What if I deplete the capacity of my battery during the ride?

First of all, try to switch on your e-bike again. If the battery capacity exceeds 10%, continue in your ride using the basic level of assistance. If your e-bike switches itself off once again, do not switch it on and ride the rest of your trip without the assistance. If you know before setting out that your trip will be demanding or long, take the charger with you. It will not take much space in your rucksack, and a socket can be found basically everywhere. Then it is advisable to take into consideration that a flat (0%) battery will reach 50% of its full capacity in about 1.5 hours (this information depends on charger type, battery capacity and the technical condition of your battery).

How often should I recharge the battery?

The battery should be charged depending on its current capacity and also based on the demands of the trip you are planning to make. The battery does not need to be at its full capacity (100%), and if you are not quite sure when do you arrive back, take the charger with you. Do not leave the battery connected to the charger when it is fully charged: this will wear it down and make its lifespan shorter.

Does battery require any special maintenance?

In particular, it is necessary to keep in mind that the battery should not be empty for an extended period of time, as this can cause its impairment. Keep the battery in dry environment and do not expose it to cold. If the battery appears damp, leave it to dry naturally in a dry area with room temperature. If the battery has been exposed to low temperatures for an extended period of time, leave it warm up naturally to operation temperature. In addition to that, we recommend that you carry out the same maintenance as you with with a regular bicycle.

How should I care for the battery during winter?

The battery must be stored at a dry place with temperature of at least 15 °C; the best option is room temperature, though. 50-60% of its capacity should remain in the battery. It is sufficient to check its capacity every month or two, and recharge the battery if you notice that the capacity has dropped significantly. If your battery keeps the same level of capacity, it means that it is in good condition. So when you decide to ride your e-bike again, you only will need to charge the battery to a capacity that you require and off you go! Of course, it is also necessary to check all mechanical components and parts of your e-bike, function of brakes and gear shifting, pressure in tyres, their condition... And lubricate the chain, of course!

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If you do take care of your e-bike and its essential components properly, you will be rewarded with its trouble-free and smooth operation and long lifespan. If you happen to have any doubts in relation to maintenance and care of your e-bike, seek the nearest service place and ask for advice. Well, the old saying still holds true: “There is no shame in not knowing”. 


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