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Product photos of e-bikes and bicycles are only visualizations.


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About us

30 years in developing bicycles put into one decision:
start over again

In 1991, we started the ride of a lifetime in the world of bicycles. Since that time, we’ve gained tons of experience at our parent company BP Lumen from Upice, Czech Republic, There we’ve produced hundreds of thousands of bicycles. And yet we wanted to start again, build something new. We believe that ebikes, bicycles and everything around cycling is the right medicine for our hectic lives. A bike that will help people move through congested cities better, spend their leisure time more joyfully, and embark on adventures more safely.

And last but not least, we want to bring production back to Europe to ensure the necessary quality, shorter delivery times and after-sales services to our customers (not only) across Europe.


Welcome to the LEVIT family!

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