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The e-bike is not for the old only!

There are many reasons to ride an e-bike, and they are valid not only for people who were born earlier, but for young people, too. And each of them can have their own reason. The article below provides several reasons why the e-bike is an excellent invention both for commuting and having some fun, too.

The e-bike is not for the old only!

Long gone is the myth that e-bikes are only for the elderly who lack the fitness and strength to keep up the pace on bicycle trips. There are many reasons to ride an e-bike, and they are valid not only for people who were born earlier, but for young people, too. And each of them can have their own reason. The article below provides several reasons why the e-bike is an excellent invention both for commuting and having some fun, too.


Why the e-bike?

We could start with taking into consideration the very basic reason why humans took up developing bicycles, and that is the desire to overcome limits given to us by nature, i.e. natural motion on our feet. The e-bike moves those limits much further, and with them the limits of our joy of activity and experience related to it. 

The e-bike is undoubtedly the best invention the human race has come up in the cycling field recently, and along with the rear derailleur, disc brakes and dropper seatpost, it is another breakthrough, perhaps even a revolutionary invention. 

The popularity of e-bikes has been rising steadily recently, and they have been used for commuting, recreational activities and sports. E-bikes can be ridden by cyclists of any age group and performance level, from the young to the elderly, from people with a disability to active athletes. 

 Sure, there still are many “orthodox” cyclists who claim that they would never ride a bicycle equipped with a motor. In our experience, even those hard-boiled cyclists give a try to an e-bike sooner or later, and a part of them change their originally rejecting attitude once and forever.


E-bike advantages, or what are the reasons to purchase it?

The e-bike makes active lifestyle more accessible 

Would you like to live a more active lifestyle than you have so far, but are hindered by the thought of your poor fitness? Have you been discouraged by the pain or exertion related to your first sports performances? The e-bike can help you overcome the initial “aversion” to exercise, and give you marvellous experiences that will cause that you fall in love with that exercise. 

The e-bike will provide you more experience and pleasure from the ride 

Imagine you arrive from work an hour before the sun sets behind the horizon, and you feel like riding your bike for a while. With a regular bicycle, you merely manage to climb the first hill, and you must head back home in order to arrive before the darkness falls. With the e-bike, not only will you get further, but your rides will be noticeably more dynamic. It will be easy peasy to ride up steep or technical climbs full of roots or stones that are impossible to overcome on a regular bike even by trained racers. Where all the fun ends on the regular bike, it only starts with the e-bike. In this case, you disregard the energy spent and pay attention to the performance and intensity of your own experience.

The e-bike is an ideal training tool 

Though it may not look like this at the first glance, the e-bike can be a perfect training partner. Riding an e-bike does not mean that you can “slack off” all the time and perform less. Thanks to the e-bike, you can easily vary the load and strain according to your own need, and not only based on the profile of your route. Do you need to feel the pain? Well, then decrease the assistance of the motor, or turn it off completely. Do you need to keep your heart rate low? Call in the motor. 

The e-bike erases differences in performance between partners or in a group 

Erasing existing differences in performance between partners is a very common reason for purchasing an e-bike. A typical example? A couple where the man is a prototype of a trained athlete, and the woman – though enjoying riding bicycle greatly – cannot keep up with the pace of her husband. In such a constellation, a day-long trip (let alone trip lasting several days) is not very enjoyable for both of them:  Indeed, the husband must wait for his wife or keep returning, and his wife is exhausted even before it is time for lunch. However, when the wife rides an e-bike, their performance is at least equal. The wife happily pedals on, keeping up with her husband, does not avoid any slope, and she actually does not care how long the ride is yet to be. The same applies to children. 

The e-bike can compensate for health or motion limitations 

Are you recovering after being operated on, do you suffer from health problems or limitation of motion that prevent you from living an active lifestyle? Are you incapable of pedalling for an extended period of time, or does the pain not allow you even to set out? The e-bike is an ideal companion that allows to visit your favourite places again. And not only that! Simultaneously, the e-bike can help recover and speed up your return to active life.

The e-bike is an ideal tool for losing weight 

Have you tried perhaps all diets that were surely supposed to free you from the excess kilos, but that have always brought the same failure? Each diet works in its own way, but it has its clearly set limits. If losing weight is to be successful, it must be accompanied by activity. To get rid of the kilos, it is important to burn body fat. You can achieve this with regular and long activity in low heart rate. Therefore, long strolls, hiking, or riding an e-bike are ideal for this. With the e-bike, you can regulate your performance regardless of the profile of the route you selected, which means that you can have low heart rate even when riding up the hill – an efficient and fun way to burn fat!

The e-bike expands your range and makes planning of a trip or holidays easier 

How many kilometres can you ride in a single day? And how many days from your holidays can you handle on a bike? How often do you decide on a route based solely on its difficulty? The e-bike can expand your range, and will take you easily to places that would have remained impossible to reach. No longer will you plan your trips according to the number of kilometres that you can handle on a bicycle. You will ride as many kilometres on a bicycle as you like. It does not really matter if you opt for a weekend trip or a long holiday spent riding your bicycle - with an e-bike, you can easily ride several days in a row. 

The e-bike is an efficient and green means of transport 

According to statistics, at least half of all trips in a car are taken for a distance that does not exceed 7.5 km. On such short distances, e-bikes consume much less energy (when compared to scooters or cars), which makes them ideal companions in urban or suburban traffic. Less energy spent means lesser pollution of the environment with exhaust. In addition to it, an e-bike is silent, and unlike a car, it does not annoy anyone with excessive noise. In comparison to a regular bicycle, however, the e-bike is faster, and riding it means that you do not come to the office all sweaty. A bonus to conclude: if you ride your e-bike to work, not only will you save time and money, but you become charged with zest and vitality for a long day at work ahead. 


We could surely come up with many other reasons for purchasing an e-bike. But now it is up to you! Test an e-bike and be surprised by its benefits in comparison to regular bicycle. Who knows, it may be that your test ride will persuade you to purchase an e-bike because the e-bike is by no means for the old only! Guaranteed!


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